​​​​denton county brewing company serves craft beer, born and brewed in denton, tx.

We are now currently brewing and have our own craft beers on tap!

Our Beers currently on tap:

​Trapp'd In Paradise - ​a Trappist style blonde ale infused with pink guava fruit

Gone-A-Rye ​- ​a cedar creek brewing collaboration; dank, luscious, and lively imperial rye Ipa

Poppy​​'s Brown Ale ​- ​a brown ale with both sweet and malty notes, brewed with roasted grains to balance it all out

​In addition, we have 24 guest taps, both rotating and permanent with a wide range of styles for you to enjoy!

We also serve wine, ciders, and sake

​You can find our current menu on our untappd

We are located at 200 E McKinney St. ​

in denton, tx​